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Jaco is among the mountains of the province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica Garabito coastal city. The city is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and features a string of white sandy beaches.

The party hot spot offers many activities and amenities for travelers. The town beach is within walking distance of San Jose International Airport, an hour from the famous natural reserve named Manuel Antonio National Park and has a wonderful range of 2.5 miles! Note that the city is a bit shabby and not safe enough for families, and is more suitable for backpackers and surfers.

Jaco Beach Surfing

Jaco Beach offers a wide range of water sports and tourism, but the best point is its popular surf spots that attract thousands of visitors from around the world!.

Jaco Surf School with Surf Lessons in Jaco Beach Every Day

Surf Tours Detals:

  • Length of the Tour: 2 hours
  • Location: Jaco Beach
  • Min. People: 2 -> Call for more info
  • Pick Up Time: Depending on the tides
  • Includes: Gear, surfboards, instructor, bottle water
  • Recommendations: Board shorts, swimming suit, sun block
  • Rates: $50
  • Jaco Beach Private Transportaiton

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Learning to Surf in Costa Rica:

Learning to surf is not easy: The team feels heavy and confused, the ocean is scary and even experienced athletes must learn to use new muscle, new balance, new skills. Learning to surf is all about the technical construction and have an expert guiding hand can make the experience much easier. There are many things to consider: The direction of the correct length of the exit on the right bag. The suit and gown and slippers and rash guard to cover the conditions of the surrounding environment. Which side do the wax will not? How rowing is not too far forward or too far back. How to paddle down the line break and find the right place to catch the wave. How likely is that starting to stand and what to do next?

Learning to surf is a matter of self-knowledge, the ocean, learning the skills of the sport and make these elements are present. Go out and do it all on your own is a way to do this, but one of the main obstacles to learn to surf is not mentally or physically, it's time. It takes time to learn to surf and a way to condense the learning curve is to take the hand of an experienced instructor, who will put you in the right pane, right place and allow you to travel faster.Costa Rica Surf

  • We provide surf lessons for all levels of experience.
  • We help you getting your surf boards and boogy boards and sell basic surf gear.


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